Monat: <span>August 2019</span>

UI, UX, Website / 6. August 2019


Lavazza professional distributes coffee machines on a large scale. So if you have a business or drink more than 50 coffees a day, do not hesitate to get an offer! My task was to revise the UX- and UI-Design in a mobile-friendly manner to…

App, Concept, Design, Look, Mobile, UI, UX / 5. August 2019


I created the app design and a first digital corporate design for the start up eventr. Layouts, click dummies and a prototype for the smartphone served the company founder to better visualize his idea during presentations for investors.

UI, Website / 1. August 2019


Had the chance to work for Elbdudler and design a relaunch concept for their long-time client. My task was to transform the UX-Design into a visual experience and create an integrated look for the new identity at the POS. Here are some layouts…