App, Concept, Design, Look, Mobile, UI, UX / 5. August 2019

I created the app design and a first digital corporate design for the start up eventr. Layouts, click dummies and a prototype for the smartphone served the company founder to better visualize his idea during presentations for investors.

App, Concept, Design, Mobile, UI, UX Design / 8. Juni 2019

Idea, basic concept and first visualization of a prototype. The vision of the future is fully integrated into smart home and networks all power-consuming services with the new Voxi app.

App, Campaigning, Concept, Design, Direct, Mobile, UI, UX / 1. Juni 2017

Agentur Elephant Seven 
Position Digital Creative Director Projektaufgabe Konzeptentwicklung und Betreuung der UXD-Umsetzung eines interaktiven AR-Mailings zu neuen Sicherheits-Features von Mercedes-Benz.