In über 15 Jahren sind für Kunden auf Agenturseite und in meiner Selbstständigkeit zahlreiche Projekte entstanden. Für große Kunden wie Mercedes-Benz, GSK, Maggi oder LichtBlick – aber auch feine für kleine!

Ein Teil ist hier zu sehen, für weiter Cases einfach Kontakt aufnehmen!


A nice little project for the alumni of the Technical University: It introduces representatives from all specialist areas at regular intervals and promotes their know-how in a friendly way.

My task was the concept and design of all covers and Social Media Ads. Idea and interviews by Regine Marxen -


In a rapid prototyping process, I developed a futuristic concept that gives consumers digital access and overview to their power consumption.

The goal was to show the possibilities of digitization in the electricity market and derive new business from this. As freelancer, I took on the task for the main idea, a first product concept, UI-Design, a rough prototyping and a presentation video – in under 3 days.


UBS equipped 1,000 delegates to the World Economic Forum in Davos with Fitbit Flex bracelets. Each time a distance of 6 km was reached, UBS donated a bicycle to an African schoolchild.

My job as Digital Creative Director was the conception of the idea, the visual design of the online campaign and other digital touchpoints.


For my green electricity customer from St. Pauli, I developed various campaigns and numerous brand advertising materials: From display advertising banners to social campaigns and out of home-advertising in the Millerntor Stadium.


For this relaunch, I developed a graphically reduced online corporate design including an emotional visual language and some ideas für creative headlines.

The design covers the online shop and other digital channels such as social media or similar marketing channels.

As freelance creative, I took on the task for UX/UI-Design, wireframing and prototyping.


With an average of around 500,000 visits per month, is one of the most frequently visited corporate websites in German-speaking countries.

With the relaunch, the website was conceptually and visually modernized and made usable for mobile devices.

During the 12-month project period, I was the Digital Creative Director and responsible for UX-Research, UI-Design, information architecture, wireframing, mock-ups and developer supervision.


For the clients range of sporty vehicles, I developed a new, appealing UX and design concept, which, due to the target group, should primarily be used on mobile devices.

The challenge was to create a fundamentally new conversion concept, which ultimately contributed to the significant performance of the site due to a reduction to the essentials.
Also I was responsible for prototyping and user-data-testing.


In the noughties, my team - I, as Art Director - were commissioned to create a new look for Mercedes-Benz.
Away from unnatural productions in abstract studio landscapes and towards more emotionality and humanity.

Over the project duration of 4 months, we developed different visual worlds under this aspect, which were appropriate for all Mercedes-Benz models!


The task was to develop a cms master landing page.
It was used in sales campaigning for the entire range of Mercedes models and helped for various conversion goals such as lead generation or registrations for test drives.

My role as creative team Lead was UX research and analysis, the information architecture, UI-Design, wireframing, prototyping and developer supervision


As a Digital Art Director and then as Creative Team Lead, I was responsible for numerous display and social media campaigns for Mercedes-Benz.
Brand awareness, market launches, generating test drives or services – 
my team and I supported Mercedes-Benz with holistic concepts and the development of digital measures for over 8 years.


For the application as a freelancer, I created a new digital design for the green electricity brand LichtBlick in a 24h rapid prototyping process: a visual concept, UX/UI-Design and video editing for my job interview – Worked!


One of many social media campaigns that I implemented for LichtBlick as part of the brand relaunch.

The main goal was the conversion of marketing activities to digital e-sales and the optimization of user journeys and the customer experience.

As freelancer, I was also responsible for the conception and design of various digital touchpoints – including data user research, A/B-Testing and ongoing optimization.


As freelancer, I was responsible for redesigning the notebook online shop. I took over the evaluation of the Google Analytics data, the creation of personas and the customer journey.
I developed the UX design and derived an online visualization from the existing offline corporate design.

In consultation with the management, in-house developers and marketing, I oversaw the project implementation and quality assurance.


The start-up eventr set out to attack the market leaders in event ticket marketing and developed a sophisticated technical concept for this purpose.
My task was to develop an appealing modern design that makes the product easier to understand and convinces investors ... then came Corona :(
Anyway – UX & UI-Design, online corporate design, wireframing and prototyping!


Almost 300,000 employees of Daimler 
get special conditions for products of Mercedes-Benz, Smart and their cooperation partners.

The internal platform had to be modernized conceptually and visually, also optimized for
mobile devices.

During the 8 month project period, I was Creative Team Lead and responsible for UX-Research, product concept,
 UI-Design, information architecture, wireframing, mock ups and developer supervision.


Bosch Car Service has been around for 100 years. Worldwide.

To celebrate this, we conceived a concept that focused not on the company, but on the mechanic's passion for automobiles!

With their vehicles, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, we invite to a party on the Nürburgring!.
As a freelance Creative Director, it was my job to develop an integrated concept with the team.
Also I was mainly responsible for the digital part: strategy, concept and visualization.


In a rapid prototyping process, I developed a concept that gives partners digital access to all models and features.

The goal was an internal app with which sales partners can be updated and trained.

As freelancer, I took on the task for UX, a first product concept, UI-Design, a rough information architecture, mock ups and a presentation video – in under 3 days.


To optimize the lead generation and to win more clients,
 I conceived a first concept for a machine learning landing page – where most of campaigns lead.

There, more than 20 kinds of containers are generated – with different content and shaping responsive for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
With the launch of the site, the number, composition and arrangement of the containers were NOT set,
 because a logarithm learns from its success:

As more customers transfer to the app, newsletter sign up or arrange a test drive, as more we learn how the page should be build up.

As Creative Team Lead, I took on the task for the UX, a first product concept, UI-Design, information architecture, wireframing and mock ups.

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